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Let’s reach your ideal customers when they need you the most using the world’s most innovative business prospecting service

Every superhero needs a team of sidekicks

Have the world’s best experts in creating incredible b2b marketing and sales strategies as your sidekicks.

Fully managed and future-proof B2B email service

Fully managed campaigns. Have a whole team who will take care of your campaign

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Based on the profile of your ideal customers, we identify, individually select, and engage on 1 to 1 basis with conversational and highly personalized messages


A smart strategy that brings you new leads, every month – forever

Results in the first week

Get your first leads in the first few days of your campaign

A blend of marketing experience, growth focus and proprietary tools that bring leads to you faster than any other b2b strategy in the world

Clarity Toolset

clarity toolset

Cutting-edge proprietary technology.

From ground-up development with a b2b focus, bSpec’s pioneering toolset pinpoints multiple key behavioral and technical factors used to grab attention and make purchase decisions.

bSpec uses these insights to create marketing strategies that deliver innovative creative work that drives sales more effectively.

Budget-friendly prices

Smart Campaigns

Be in charge of your digital marketing costs. No more setup fees or other irrelevant agency tariffs. With bSpec’s smart model, you remain in charge of your own budget.

Very simple payment model – you pay only for the individually targeted and engaged prospects.


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