scalable selling.
predictable growth.

Prospecting team dedicated to your long-term success

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing

strong partnerships

Understanding your market on a deeper level

meaningful insights

Complete control over budget, data and copy

confident investment
strong partnerships
There is no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing
meaningful insights
Understanding your market on a deeper level
confident investment
Complete control over budget, data and copy

Start sales conversations with the right decision-makers from day one

Bspec identifies the right decision-makers, engages them with personalised emails, and connects them directly to you when they are ready to talk business.

Teaming up with Bspec gives you a true partner. We do the hard work, so you can do your best work.

Goals that matter to you

Bspec campaigns are strategically designed to help clients expand their presence on the market.

Entrance into new markets requre creativity, close cooperation and flexibility.

Bspec designs a bespoke strategy and efficiently promotes new products in new or existing markets.

bspec client sitting on chair

Campaign values from
day one

Strong partnership, meaningful insights and marketing experience bring values to you faster than any other b2b strategy in the world

Confident investment

Stay in charge of your marketing budget

Be in charge of your digital marketing costs. No more setup fees or other irrelevant agency tariffs. With bSpec’s smart model, you remain in charge of your own budget.

Transparent and compliant data sourcing and management

When it comes to data, we’re fully transparent and compliant in all steps of sourcing and management. With Bspec you have unlimited revisions to the targeting and the data at any time and at any stage of the campaign.

Individual engagement that elevates your brand and values

The copy should reflect your values and elevate your brand. All copies are written by B2B copy marketers with decades of experience. You have unlimited revision on the copy and suggest amends at any time or stage.

Reliable flow of new sales & marketing opportunities

Decision-makers engaged
Brand awareness*
55% I 1100
Website visits & Direct calls*
20% I 400
3.7% I 74

*Rates vary depending on industry, targeting and your proposition. Based on cross-industry stats, using 2022 data, with an average of 3.7% lead rate. 

Strong partnerships


There is no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing

Teaming up with us gives you a true partner; someone who’ll work every bit as hard for your success as you do.


Meaningful insights

Understand your audience on a deeper level

Easily integrate and access your data to better understand your customers and identify your most valuable audiences.

Share insights across your team

Make information and insights accessible to your entire enterprise so teams can work better together.

Real-time data

Marketing is dynamic, and the only valuable data is fresh data.

New market data

Confidently enter new markets

scalable selling.
predictable growth.


scalable selling.
predictable growth.