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Be in charge of your digital marketing costs. No more setup fees or other irrelevant agency tariffs. With bSpec’s smart model, you remain in charge of your budget.

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Pricing is based on the monthly volume of decision-makers you want us to engage on your behalf

Step 1. Choose model that best works for your company


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per prospect

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Step 2. Your average deal value

Step 3. Fine tune your model

*Lead rates vary depending on industry, targeting and your proposition. Based on cross-industry stats, using 2022 data, with an average of 3.7% lead rate. 90% of campaigns generate a lead rate of between 2% and 8.7%

Typical monthly campaign overview

You would invest


To generate business worth



The part Bspec does

Decision-makers engaged
Brand awareness*
55% I 1100
Website visits & Direct calls*
20% I 400
3.7% I 400

The part you do

3.7% I 74
3.7% I 74

Every campaign includes

Scalable outcomes

  • Monthly volume of 1000 freshly sourced and precisely targeted prospects with real-time continual optimisation.

  • Four sequential messages written by b2b copy expert with continual optimisations

  • Analysing, logging responses and continual optimisation of campaigns

  • Legal compliance review of all campaigns

Experienced marketing, legal and technical team

  • Dedicated marketing campaign manager

  • Dedicated client success manager

  • Business intelligence specialist

  • Compliance specialist

  • Technical delivery specialist

  • B2B email copywriter expert

  • Real-time business intelligence reporting system

  • Proprietary platform, build from the ground up only with b2b email marketing focus

  • Real-time collaboration via WhatsApp

Bspec is a B2B email marketing advertising agency

Pricing is based on the volume of decision-makers (prospects) contacted per month.

You will be directly assigned a campaign manager and a client success manager. Also, you have a business intelligence specialist, compliance specialist, technical delivery specialist, and b2b email copywriter expert working in the background.

The most significant benefit is that all campaign managers share the experience and make daily tweaks to your campaign to perform better each day.

Prospect are targeted and successfully engaged decision-makers based on your ideal client specification. They have characteristics as job position, location, company size, company name and etc. Your campaign manager considers multiple factors during the sourcing stage and uses an algorithm to determine buyer incentives.

Bspec always stands by its outcomes (deliveries).

Leads, by definition, are decision-makers who have shown an interest in your proposition.

In general, each marketing strategy has 4Ps or any variation of the 4Ps – Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Bspec, as an advertising agency, helps its partners and clients only with the promotion part of their marketing plan.

Bspec does a fully managed and scalable b2b email marketing service. Email responses, brand awareness, web visits and direct inbound calls are results of the overall b2b email marketing campaign.

Bspec marketers use advanced targeting and buyer incentive algorithms while performing qualifications. Still, this incentive identification and targeting is made for a range of competitive products and services, not specifically yours. Bspec doesn’t guarantee that decision-makers will find your proposition (product or service) valuable.

Leads are prospects that showed an interest in your proposition. 

Usually, we engage up to 5 decision-makers per company per camping

Company size:

  • 1 – 50: 1 prospect per campaign
  • 50 – 200: 2 prospects per campaign
  • 200+: 3-5 prospects per campaign

bSpec is operating under a monthly, quarterly and annual payment models. For further details please ask your account manager.

In most cases, your business prospecting activity will be live in 14 working days. The following monthly campaigns start on a rolling base – immediately.

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Nina, Omega Group

"Simply, the best b2b email marketing service. Although our market is highly niche, Frosina and Marija give 105% and deliver results consistently."

Olivia Wilson, CNS Group

"If you are looking for well-targeted and qualified leads for your company, bSpec is the place to start your pursuit. Excellent customer experience!"

Matthew Maul, Lake Michigan Sales

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