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Be in charge of your digital marketing costs. No more setup fees or other irrelevant agency tariffs. With bSpec’s smart model, you remain in charge of your budget.

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Pricing is based on the monthly volume of prospects you want us to engage on your behalf

*Lead rates vary depending on industry and targeting. Based on cross-industry stats, using 2020 data, with an average of 3.7% lead rate.


For startups’ founders, entrepreneurs, management team members doing sales


*With three month commitment. For discounted annual pricing, get in touch with our sales team


  • Monthly volume of 1000 freshly sourced prospects
  • Daily outreach to 50 prospects

What is included:

  • Four sequential messages written by copy experts with continual optimisations
  • Analysing, logging responses and continual optimisation of campaigns
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting system
  • Weekly excel reports
  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real-time collaboration via Signal


For dedicated sales people and management team members focused on company growth


*With three month commitment. For discounted annual pricing, get in touch with our sales team


  • Monthly volume of 1500 freshly sourced prospects
  • Daily outreach to 75 prospects

What is included:

  • All the Starter plan features
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • CRM daily  updates


For large sales or marketing teams


  • Unlimited prospects
  • Unlimited outreach

What is included:

  • All the Growth plan features
  • Social media optimisations
  • Custom landing pages

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Annual pricing

Get in touch with our sales team for discounted annual pricing.

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Pricing is based on the volume of prospects (your ideal clients) contacted per month

Prospect are targeted and successfully engaged people based on your ideal client specification. They have characteristics as job position, location, company size, company name and etc.

Leads are prospects that showed an interest in your proposition. 

You will be directly assigned a campaign manager and an account manager. Also in the background, you have a expert sales copywriter, tech admin, and BI expert. The biggest benefit is that all campaign managers share experience between each other and make daily tweaks on your campaign so it will perform better each day day

bSpec is operating under a post-paid model. For further details please ask your account manager.

In most cases, your business prospecting activity will be live in 12 working days. The following monthly campaigns start on a rolling base – immediately.

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Nina, Omega Group USA

“It simply works. Honestly, I don't believe my business would be were it is today if it weren't for bSpec”

William, Wise Industries

“Amazing service, amazing results.”

Agon, Ancient Craftsmen

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