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Sales Agent - B2B Marketer
Sales Agent - B2B Marketer

bSpec is a 100% Human to Human business prospecting service. With the development of its proprietary software, bSpec enhances its process. However, even these systems are run manually by bSpec’s team.

bSpec’s plans are very simple – it doesn’t have any setup costs nor retention fees. The minimum campaign duration is 3 months.

NO. bSpec never uses databases or old contacts. It always, without exception, uses freshly prospected contacts. Each campaign starts with prospect identification which lasts for a few days. In this period, bSpec uses b2b social media, company websites, and a variety of integrated data sources to build a clear picture of each prospect. Then, it engages prospects passively via social media and directly via email.

You can access all your bSpec campaign stats through your BI dashboard. bSpec believes data is very important – so it uses top edge BI software to present your information in the best scientific way it can imagine. bSpec is the only prospecting company in the world that gives you access to the whole data through world-class BI software.

bSpec provides business prospecting globally.

bSpec has no limitation concerning language.

bSpec is a trading brand of BSPEC GROUP LIMITED. bSpec is based in London, UK and it has offices in Skopje, N. Macedonia and Chicago, US.

bSpec is operating under a post-paid model. It invoices you each month after your monthly campaign is finished. For further details please ask your account manager.

In most cases, your business prospecting activity will be live in 12 working days. The following monthly campaigns start on a rolling base – immediately.

There are two main differences between bSpec and a traditional ad agency.

  • Pricing model
    bSpec does not have sign-up costs, retention fees nor pre-paid invoices. Its model is postpaid and very simple – you pay only for what you receive.

  • Technology-driven company
    bSpec is a marketing tech-driven company. It has an ever-evolving mentality. All bSpec employees undergo GDPR, PECR, general compliance training, general and b2b marketing training, and its tech team implements the top edge technology innovations in its b2b enhancement proprietary tools.

Prospecting requires a wide mix of individuals, different skills, specific systems, and processes to be effective. For better comparison, bSpec recommends comparing itself against the entire team you would need in order to replicate its service internally.

bSpec’s format cannot be replicated without significant capital investment in staff, training, systems, process development, third-party integrations, and data suppliers.

With bSpec you get:

  • Campaign manager
  • Copywriting experts
  • Marketing experts
  • Dev and tech delivery team
  • Compliance manager
  • Business Intelligence analysts

Outsourcing business prospecting saves you time and focuses your and your team’s energy on other, more vital aspects of your business.

Business (B2B) prospecting is the activity of looking for potential customers or clients, engaging them through various marketing channels, and converting them to interested potential customers – basically, it is the first part of the sales process.

So, what comes after Business Prospecting?
After the prospecting part is done, you are left with the sales pitch and sending proposals to the interested customers.

People change companies, get promoted, or change their contact information. All this makes it impossible for you to rely on database information.

  • bSpec’s business prospecting success relies on fresh and accurate data;
  • bSpec never reuses data;
  • For your sales team to target the correct client and gain quality leads, they’ll need accurate, up-to-date data. If the data your sales team is using is inaccurate or incomplete, it makes outbound emailing very hard;
  • Low-quality data leads to low-quality prospecting. Your sales team will be connecting with decision-makers who have already left the company or changed jobs. Without good quality data, sales teams will be wasting time;
  • The number one problem many B2B companies face is data. Sales teams spend approximately 60% of their time generating lead rate of less than 1%.


When it comes to a business prospecting service that covers anything you can imagine, there’s only one name to turn to and that’s bSpec! bSpec is globally compliant and its b2b solution helps businesses generate new revenue relying on its B2B marketing and tech experts.