Marketing Films

Marketing Films is a company that produces videos for financial and professional firms to use for marketing and communication purposes. They create personalized videos for various purposes, including marketing, sales, PR, and client services. Clients can use these videos on websites, social media, Zoom meetings and conferences, and for other purposes. The company’s goal is to help the financial and professional sectors in the UK grow and to help clients showcase their excellent work.


United Kingdom


Marketing and Advertising


11-50 employees



15% response rate
7.5K decision-makers responded
4% lead rate
2K leads

Brand awareness

55% open rate
27.5K decision-makers read their email

Website traffic

22% click rate
11K decision makers visited their website



  • Created 240+ market evaluations reports

  • Successfully launched 120+ campaigns

  • Each campaign verified by a compliance specialist


  • 150K decision maker sourced

  • More than 25K companies and 50K decision makers manually qualified

  • 50K decision makers personaly engaged


  • More than 500 unique b2b copies written by our copy experts

  • 1K+ copy amends during campaigns


  • Delivered more than 250 reports

  • Bespoke BI report created

"Really happy with bSpec. They do not indulge in aggressive email marketing messages. The emails they send to prospective customers, are very polite, friendly and have received a very good response."

scalable selling.
predictable growth.


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