The most effective way to grow your firm

In the era of digital marketing chaos, it became impossible to catch customers’ attention.

With bSpec’s b2b email marketing service, you reach your ideal customers when they need you the most.

Managed and predictable B2B email marketing service

You tell bSpec about your business, business model and marketing targets

bSpec does a market evaluation

bSpec identifies your ideal clients, qualifies them and enhances data

bSpec writes highly personalised messages

bSpec reaches your ideal clients on 1-2-1 basis

bSpec logs, analyses and tracks your campaign

You do what you love – attend meetings, write proposals and close deals

Learning everything about your business

bSpec starts by learning about your company, your business model, and your targeting.

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Market evaluation

Based on your business model and targeting, bSpec does a market evaluation so it can segment the market and create a market research report.

deep market evaluation

Decision-makers identification

Based on the profile of your ideal clients, bSpec identifies and individually selects your ideal customers.

how it works - list building-01
how it works - list building

Copy creation

The message creation is where creativity and technology merge.

Exceptional message is a blend of sales experience and excellent wordsmith.

Analytics, data processing and optimisation

Analytics and data processing is a crucial step in the overall process. Your data is analysed and each segment of the process is adjusted if needed.

You do what you love

bSpec campaigns generate calls and meetings. You’re left to be focused on things that are essential for your business – delivering outstanding service or product.

first leads in 3 days
first leads in 3 days

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