Marketing sidekicks

With bSpec’s prospecting service, you get a dedicated team of marketers, tech, analytics, copywriting, and compliance experts.

Dedicated marketing campaign manager

  • Highly skilled marketing experts.
  • Handling the many day-to-day tasks that cannot be automated.
  • QA checking every prospect against the brief.
  • Manually reviewing, and where needed, informalizing data to a more natural language for use within conversational messaging.
  • Use algorithms in determining buying intention.

Dedicated account manager

  • Scheduling stage-based activity.
  • Coordinating the team.
  • Managing campaigns to schedule and assign budgets.
  • Liaising with stakeholders and adjusting delivery.

B2B email copywriter expert

  • Designing and tailoring incredible email messaging to suit varied audiences – from line managers to CEOs.
  • Triple checking message copy for deliverability and SPAM red flag.
  • Proactively optimizing messaging to improve ongoing response rates.

Compliance specialist

  • Understanding GDPR, PECR & DPA.
  • Assessing campaign activity against all relevant data regulations.
  • Ensuring all operations, systems and processes demonstrate full compliance at all times.
Compliance Manager
Compliance Manager

Business intelligence specialist

  • Distributing crystal clear live campaign reporting.
  • Tracking, reviewing and interpreting results.
  • Analyzing performance against market averages and knowing to make the right changes, and when to make them.

Technical delivery specialist

  • Building smart systems for prospect research and identification at scale.
  • Setting up email mechanics that don’t end up in spam.
  • Integrating campaign activity with your CRM.
  • Building a suite of real-time segmented performance reports.

scalable selling.
predictable growth.