Clarity Toolset

Bspec is an advertising agency with an edge – it innovates pioneering technologies that simply deliver the best B2B email marketing in the world. 

Mr Clarity

Real-Time Sourcing

Market insights

bSpec has developed tools that help its marketing experts do a deep market evaluation so that it can segment the market and create a market research report.

The market evaluation report helps its clients have a clear picture of their own market potential.

Company identification

After the market insights, bspec starts with the identification of companies based on the client’s buyer profile

Decision-maker identification

Once the companies are identified, bspec identifies the decision-makers ar those companies.

Market Insights

Live BI Dashboards

bSpec business intelligence dashboard – Expertly crafted with a world-leading BI solution to provide a real-time view of your account, campaign activity and results.

Multi-point data verification

bSpec never uses database contacts, nor bought or old lists. It always uses fresh prospects. Furthermore, bSpec uses a multi-point data verification technology to verify and to make sure its targeting is as precise as possible.

Multi-point data verification

Copy enhancer

Unique copy using proprietary cartesian product algorithm

Bspec has invented a technology that helps send a unique copy. Stop sending templated emails, it is not 2010 anymore.

Proprietary inbox placement technology

Bspec makes sure each email lands in the inbox – not in the promotion tab, not in the junk folder but always in the inbox. 

GPT-3 AI technology

bSpec content writers use pioneering technology when it comes to writing amazing copy.

Message Validator

scalable selling.
predictable growth.


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