Since opening its doors for business, Omega Group has been associated with high quality and professionalism.

The company was created as a family business with a promise always to defend the interests of our drivers and always to be involved in the process of their success.

They take pride in providing excellent on-time delivery. They understand that our customers expect what is promised and do their best to do just that. Omega Group has team drivers that provide safe and fast delivery for all customers.


United States of America


Truck Transportation


11-50 employees



20% response rate
6K decision-makers responded
5.5% lead rate
1.6K leads

Brand awareness

60% open rate
18K decision-makers read their email

Website traffic

21% click rate
6.3K decision makers visited their website



campaigns successfully launched and verified by a legal compliance specialist


analytical reports created


copies written by our b2b email experts


qualified prospects identified and engaged

"The collaboration with bSpec was a crucial moment for our business. It completely changed the way we used to work and our approach to the customers.. We were too focused on chasing clients, and with their help, we managed to get to the right people without much effort."

scalable selling.
predictable growth.


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