The most cost-effective channel for B2B marketers

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Updated: Sep 2023

Marketers can reach consumers in more ways than ever before. It’s exciting! But it’s also a little unnerving to try new channels. What if you are spending too much time and money on the wrong tactics? But don’t let fear stop you from working hard and trying out new strategies.

Our team does a very thorough research regarding the most popular channels out there – we do it regularly, every couple of months. We do that so we can stay in touch with new channels and new technologies.

The costs are shown in GBP per CPL (cost pre lead)

CPL (cost pre lead)
bSpec (email prospecting) 54 50 41
LinkedIn Ads 102 94 78
Bing Ads 96 88 73
Google Search Ads 144 132 110
Google Dispaly Ads 158 144 120

Here we compare the CPA (cost per action) between the channels. So, what on earth is CPA? You will find many definitions if you google this, but for us B2B marketers, CPA represents the same thing as CPL (cost per lead). And here we go again – what do you mean by lead? And this is a fair question, because many blogs have different and not standardised definitions, so we define it as any prospect who showed interest in our product or service – simple as that.

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