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DIY Prospecting or Prospecting Service

Let’s resolve a dilemma that every B2B marketeer out there has been through: what to do, how to use a lot of different tools, how to do the prospecting by themselves, or perhaps even if they should employ a full-service prospecting company. So, we’re in 2021, and doing prospecting is not


How to do it yourself – a business to business prospecting

Let’s face it, b2b prospecting is still the best channel for marketers out there. When done properly, it gives results fast and it converts faster than any other channel today. But it has become extremely difficult, and of course for a reason. There are a lot of “restrictions” when you


The most cost-effective channel for B2B marketers

Updated: June 2021 Marketers can reach consumers in more ways than ever before. It’s exciting! But it’s also a little unnerving to try new channels. What if you are spending too much time and money on the wrong tactics? But don’t let fear stop you from working hard and trying

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