Road Legends stands out as a distinguished transportation enterprise that embodies a harmonious blend of superior service, unwavering safety protocols, sustained profitability, and unwavering integrity. With a deep-rooted commitment to familial values, the company not only envisions customers and employees as part of its extended family but also integrates this ethos into every facet of its operation.

In essence, Road Legends emerges as a distinctive force in the transportation realm by melding family values, customer-focused dedication, uncompromising safety, skilled personnel, and an unassailable commitment to integrity. This amalgamation forms the company’s unique selling proposition, setting it apart as a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking transportation services that transcend conventional paradigms.


United States of America


Truck Transportation


50-100 employee




15% response rate
4.5K decision-makers responded
4.3% lead rate
1K leads

Brand awareness

52% open rate
13K decision-makers read their email

Website traffic

19% click rate
4.8K decision makers visited their website



campaigns successfully launched and verified by a legal compliance specialist


analytical reports created


copies written by our b2b email experts


qualified prospects identified and engaged

"Creativity, innovation, vision, consistency, quality, humanity - This is how we see bSpec! Brilliant people gathered together, developing distinctive software solutions and web tools and creating a personalized marketing strategy for success for all their clients."

scalable selling.
predictable growth.


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